Masculinities in the British Landscape

The Masculinities in the British Landscape Conference will be held 14-16 May 2015 at Harlaxton College, University of Evansville, outside of Grantham, Lincolnshire. Download the pdf of the programme here, or see below for the full listings.

The keynote speaker is Professor Howard Williams, on ‘From Stonehenge to the National Memorial Arboretum: Megaliths and Martial Masculinity in the British Landscape’. Professor Williams is a Professor of Archaeology at the University of Chester, where his research includes aspects of death, burial and commemoration. Recent publications include the monograph Death & Memory in Early Medieval Britain (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), and edited volumes including Archaeologists on Contemporary Death: Mortality Special Issue, 16.2 and Mortuary Practices & Social Identities in the Middle Ages: Essays in Burial Archaeology in Honour of Heinrich Härke, co-edited with D. Sayer (Exeter: University of Exeter Press).

The gendered landscape is a topic ripe for exploration in the academic world. Following recent work done in women in the landscape, this conference seeks to examine the ways that various masculinities could be carved into or acted upon the British landscape. These questions can be explored from a variety of approaches and a variety of disciplines, from landscapes of masculine employment to depictions of male control of land, and all points in between. Recognizing that there are many ways to ‘be’ a man, there are therefore many ways to display masculinity, and this conference seeks to also explore questions of masculinity, class, ethnicity, culture, and other aspects of identity through the landscape.

The conference programme will also include an excursion to nearby Belton House, begun in 1685 for Sir John Brownlow.

Please note this is a draft programme and may change before the event.

All events, unless noted, are in the State Dining Room

Evening of 14 May:
Arrivals & check-in
Bistro open

15 May:
0730-0900 Breakfast (Refectory) & Registration

0900: Opening Remarks: Dr Katherine Weikert

0915-1045 Session I:  Bloodied Landscapes
Moderator: Dr Edward Bujak
Dr Margery Masterson (Bristol): Clubland and Commons: The Urban and Rural Landscapes of the British Duel
Prof. John Martin (De Montfort): Masculinity and the Impact of Battue Game Shooting on the Rural Landscape in the Late Victorian and Edwardian Period
Kaja Franck (Hertfordshire): ‘You are Hunters of Wild Beast’: Dracula, Masculinity and Cultivating the Wilderness

1045-1100 Coffee

1100-1200 Session II: Imagined Landscapes
Moderator: Dr Edward Bujak
Joao Marques-da-Cruz (Lisboa) & Edwardo Costa Pinto (Venezia): Woden and Ceres: From Gender to the Transformation British Landscape
Dr Lucy Ryder (Chester): The Brave and the True: How the Landscape of Folklore Represents Masculinity in the Past

1200-1315 Lunch (Refectory)

1315-1500 Session III: Property in the Landscape
Moderator: Dr Katherine Weikert
Dr Linsey Hunter (Highlands and Islands): The Gendered Language of the Law? A Deconstruction of Maleness in Medieval Charters from the Anglo-Scottish Border Region
Spencer Gavin Smith (Manchester Metropolitan): Staircases, Stone Towers and Symbolism: Architectural and Archaeological Evidence for Royal Display in North Wales Castles and Castles in North Wales
Dr Rachel Moss (Oxford): Walking in the Orchard: Father-Son Relations, Privacy and Masculinity in Late Medieval England
Alexandra Logue: (Toronto): Coveys and Courtyards: Property and Masculinity in Early Modern London and Essex

1500-1530 Coffee

1530-1645 Keynote: Professor Howard Williams (Chester):
‘From Stonehenge to the National Memorial Arboretum:
Megaliths and Martial Masculinity in the British Landscape’
Introduction and Moderator: Dr Katherine Weikert

1815 Drinks (Great Hall)
1900 Conference Dinner (Gold Room)
Bistro open (tbc)

16 May:
0730-0830 Breakfast (Refectory)

0845-1030 Session IV: Colonial Landscapes
Moderator: Dr Edward Bujak
Dr Xavier Guégan (Winchester): From Princely to Barbaric: Visual and Colonial Construction of Indian Masculinities in Bourne and Bourne & Shepherd’s Photographs
Dr Rosalind Carr (East London): Politeness, Sensibility and Violence on the New South Wales ‘Frontier’ 1788-1800
Jessica Streibel McLean (Boston): The Embedded Landscapes of White Creole Masculinity at the 18th Century Little Bay Plantation, Montserrat, West Indies
Helen Goodman (Royal Holloway): Exploring Sheba’s Breasts: British Masculinity and African Adventures in Late Nineteenth Century Fiction

1030-1100 Coffee

1100-1430 Belton House outing (packed lunches provided)

1430-1600 Session V: Emotional Landscapes
Moderator: Dr Katherine Weikert
Oliver Knight (Royal Holloway): (Re)defining Rural Geographies of Sexualities through Autoethnography: Picturesque and Idyllic Fields and Farmlands as Masculine Sanctuaries within Landscape
Dr Nathan Booth (Manchester): ‘The Silence and Solitude of Somber Moreland’: Romance, Grief and Masculinity in ‘Dear Old Dirty Stalybridge’
Dr Nicola Bishop (Manchester Metropolitan): ‘Trying to be a Man’: Literary Portrayals of the Clerical Rambler, 1900-1940

1600 Closing remarks: Dr Edward Bujak


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