The Quiet Time

It’s that time in the conference planning.

What have we been up to, you ask?

Well, waiting. It’s the quiet time. We’ve done the scheduling. We’ve worked out the rates. Our on-site conference team at Harlaxton has ok-ed the paperwork, the details and the programme. We’ve released the programme into the ether, we’ve announced our competitive postgraduate bursary, and we’ve opened registration.

So what do we do now?

We wait.

We wait for bursary applications, and we wait for registrations to come rolling in. We wait for your questions and queries. We wait to see numbers to start filling the rooms and booking the coaches and setting the catering to rights.

This isn’t the time people talk about when organizing conferences because, frankly, it’s the quiet time. It’s a little bit boring. People aren’t yet panicked about registering since there are a few weeks before registration closes – and we know people like to book last minute. Our number has held steady for a little while as the early birds have already booked in and those who (much like me, admittedly) work to deadline are holding for the near-end of registration. (Or maybe for the February paycheck. I get that.)

What does the waiting time look like? Well, for me, it’s something like this:


Yup, it’s teaching time. I’m half-way through a semester of classical literature, early British history, historical archaeology, and public history.

So rest assured we’re busy on this end. It’s just that this is the quiet time, the time that we wait for registrations and bursary applications and details to fall into place. We’re looking forward to the forthcoming busy time.


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