The Planning Has Begun…

I hope that title gives the appropriate ominous tone. Maybe it’s the poor night’s sleep I had last night, but I am exhausted after spending the day with Ed at Harlaxton going over abstracts, planning, scheduling, and general organizational mayhem.

This is what general organizational mayhem looks like:

Masc Landscapes Organizing

One of us is clearly makes tidy lines. The other one of us is clearly happy with piles. I could show you the sort of pile I’m working with at the moment, but my machinery just doesn’t do that sort of thing. (Yes, I’m the one with crumpled paper bits and empty water bottles.)

What have we accomplished today? Well, almost everything.

We’ve selected papers.

We’ve crafted a schedule.

We’ve themed sessions.

We’ve met with the conferences team.

We’ve carved up moderation duties. (NB, if you are attending and any capacity and would like to moderate, just drop us an email; we’re happy to spread the moderation love!)

Ed’s gone home to do more footnotes for his forthcoming monograph. I’m squatting his office space, about to head to the train station, dealing with frantic start-of-semester emails. We’re both feeling a little ragged today.

So what’s the schedule then? Sadly that will have to wait for another post, and another day, as I do have a train to catch back south. But watch this space: programme and registration details will be coming soon.


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