Introducing our keynote, Professor Howard Williams

We’re very pleased to announce that we have confirmed out keynote lecture with Professor Howard Williams! Prof. Williams will be speaking on ‘From Stonehenge to the National Memorial Arboretum: Megaliths and Martial Masculinity in the British Landscape’.

Professor Howard Williams is a Professor of Archaeology at the University of Chester, where his research includes aspects of death, burial and commemoration. Recent publications include the monograph Death & Memory in Early Medieval Britain (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), and edited volumes including Archaeologists on Contemporary Death: Mortality Special Issue, 16.2 and Mortuary Practices & Social Identities in the Middle Ages: Essays in Burial Archaeology in Honour of Heinrich Härke, co-edited with D. Sayer (Exeter: University of Exeter Press).

He holds a BSc in Archaeological Science (Sheffield) and an MA in Burial Archaeology and PhD in Archaeology (Reading.) Professor Williams has previously held posts in Trinity College Carmarthan, Cardiff University and the University of Exeter before coming to the University of Chester.

Professor Williams has excavated at Roundway Down, Wiltshire (co-directed with Sarah Semple, 2000), at Skamby, Sweden at a Viking-period boat grave site (co-directed with Dr Martin Rundkvist, 2005), and at Stokenham, Devon (2005-2007) to name but a few sites.

He is the co-director of Project Eliseg, examining the the early medieval Pilar of Eliseg in northeast Wales. Prof. Williams is also the archaeologist on the interdisciplinary project The Past in its Place: Histories of Memory in English and Welsh Locales with the University of Exeter.

Of late Prof. Williams has partially turned his attention to memorialization in Britain in the modern periods, examining the contemporary practices of remembrance in research that runs parallel to his work in the medieval and prehistoric periods. We’re very excited to be a beneficiary of this research, as Prof. Williams will be speaking at the conference on masculinity and memorialization from Stonehenge to the National Memorial Arboretum.

Please join us in welcoming Prof. Williams to the conference!


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